Better to Worship Baal than Money and Technology

It is better to worship the sun than to worship money. It is better to sacrifice to Baal than to worship technology. Covetousness is a form of idolatry (Col. 3:5) that makes men unable to see anything beyond their food bowl. Science and machinery intoxicate men so that they quickly forget their dependence upon God. Western Christians are thus facing a significant challenge that few comprehend. Revealed religion will not long flourish in the absence of natural religion.

Body Life

Things that only appear important receive most of the publicity and fanfare: sports, entertainment, celebrities, fashion, politicians, scandals, and crises. Most of these things are about as important as finding a hair in the bathroom sink. It is a practical certainty that people and movements that feel compelled to push themselves to the forefront, gobble up scarce resources of time and money, and claim to be important for your life are not. 

The Slide

Expository preaching, whether focusing upon individual verses or extended passages of Scripture, proclaims the word of God in its own context and gives careful attention to grammatical construction and flow of thought. One of the many advantages of expository preaching is that it seeks to do justice to God’s precious thoughts as he has revealed them to us in his word. It also recognizes God’s sovereignty over his own word and our pressing need to be fed by his word alone. If sermons are snippets, loosely connected composites of Scripture, then the “whole counsel of God” is obscured.

Loose Religion

Today’s prevailing version of the Christian faith bears shocking little resemblance to what might be called “Bible religion.” If you have a feeling, follow it. If you think athletics is a ministry or The Andy Griffith Show is gospel-friendly, promote it. If you would rather watch worship than actually worship, go for it. If you want to say “O my God” as your favorite exclamation, say it. 

The Imitation of Christ

The imitation of Christ has gripped our hearts for two millennia. This holy calling allures more strongly in times of dissatisfaction and alarm at the deadness of status quo spirituality: dead orthodoxy, flagging faith, and worldliness in the church. The calling is a noble one. It is also commanded: “He that saith he abideth in him ought himself also so to walk, even as he walked” (1 John 2:6).


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